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Welcome to 611611, the text helpline.

Have questions about your phone or service? Help is just a text away.

When you click on the Keyword these messages will be sent to your phone at Δ. Not correct? Click here to re-enter your number.

Simply textΔ the relevant keyword from the list below to 611611. Or, enter your phone number below and click on an underlined keyword to have that info sent to your phone via text.

ΔBy texting keywords to 611611 you are consenting to receive response messages. Message and Data rates may apply. Please refer always to SafeLink's Privacy Policy at

All Keywords

For a mobile tutorial, text your phone's model code to 611611.

Click here to learn how to find your phone's model code, or use our dropdown menus below.

⊠ alcatel
⊠ myflip
⊠ onetouch pixi
⊠ pixi
⊠ lx
⊠ onetouch pop
⊠ zip
⊠ huawei
⊠ glory
⊠ pronto
⊠ lg
⊠ rebel
⊠ fiesta
⊠ Solo
⊠ treasure
⊠ x style
⊠ grace
⊠ premier
⊠ premier pro
⊠ stylo
⊠ motorola
⊠ moto e
⊠ moto g
⊠ samsung
⊠ galaxy
⊠ unimax
⊠ U452TL
⊠ U504TL
⊠ zte
⊠ cymbal
⊠ zfive
⊠ ariel-c
⊠ Sirius
⊠ jasper
⊠ zmax
⊠ majesty
⊠ max duo
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